Ballroom dancing allows people to stay active

Become fit and get in shape despite their age or background. Dancing is an excellent physical activity with lots of health benefits that touch on the body, mind and spirit.

Dance enhances mental acuity

fitness and health, and helps develop social connections. The social activity has been shown through studies to boost self-confidence, high self-esteem and gives a more positive outlook, especially if you dance with friends and socialize.

Recreational and ballroom dancing reduces tension and stress over time, leaving dancers with a general sense of wellness and well being. This means that dancing isn’t just about moving your body and changing steps, but allows for social interaction, physical activity and stimulation of the mind.

With mental, health, social, and physical benefits, ballroom dancing touches on the body, mind and spirit. At Kansas City Swing Dance you’ll access all the information you need and learn everything about ballroom dancing before signing up for an online class or one near you.

Is an online platform that offer information you may need to know about ballroom dancing

For both adults and kids. We offer tips and tricks to help you become a successful ballroom dancer.

Adults and kids learn various skills and lessons through ballroom recreational dancing. Apart from learning how to dance, we offer the information you need to build social awareness through this type of dance. It’s also a good way to learn how to respect each other.

Ballroom dancing fosters, civility, cooperation, respect, confidence, teamwork, and a sense of accomplishment, joy and achievement. Adults and kids learn valuable life skills through experiential learning involved in dancing.

Self-expression, self-discovery and self-confidence are life skills that kids find useful later in life. Dancing also improves body posture and replaces awkwardness with physical poise and abundant grace.

We also provide tips and tricks to help you develop better social skills, teamwork and discipline, proper etiquette, self-expression and creativity, improved balance and coordination, and ultimately have lots of fun and excitement.

Our online resource helps people of all walks of life to learn dancing skills and enjoy the many benefits that comes with indulging in this physical activity. Schools, communities, senior citizens, and both individual kids and adults of all ages make up our target audience.


The mission of Kansas City Swing Dance is to ensure that our audience has access to all the information, including tips and tricks, they need to become successful ballroom dancers.

Our aim is to become a leading online resource for everything people may want to know about ballroom dancing. We also look forward to reaching a wider audience worldwide.