Lesson 1

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Note: You Never Need a Partner for any of our Lessons

West Coast Lessons are taught in a 4 week series. Each series starts on the first Sunday and the first Wednesday of each month. It is important to join the lesson series in the first week. 

Specialty Dance Lessons on Thursday (and occasionally Tuesday) do not start over at the beginning of each month. A series of Specialty Dance lessons will typically run for 2-3 months, possibly more.  You must attend on the first night at the start of the series. The calendar will note which series are open.

You do not need to pre-register. However, you should arrive early the first time you attend, and at least 15 minutes before classes begin after that.

What Should I Wear?

Wear clothing that is comfortable, fairly close fitting without bows or strings that can come untied. Dance shoes should fit the foot like a pair of gloves, so that the dancer isn’t even aware they have them on.  There shouldn’t be any extra extension past the toes, and the heel should fit snugly.  The fit of a dance shoe is not the same as the fit of a street shoe—a dance shoe fits much tighter.  If you cannot afford dance shoes, try some of the less expensive retail shoes.  Search for a leather sole or composite sole that is the equivalent to leather.  In other words, get a sole that allows you to swivel on the floor without feeling like you are putting on the brakes!  Shoes that will not work on the dance floor: flip flops, Birkenstocks, clogs, tennis shoes, and platformsNo tire-treaded bottoms!  You do not stand a chance of learning the patterns if your shoes get in your way!



Getting Fit

The Perfect Diet for Dancers

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