The Best Ways To Learn Swing Dance


It doesn’t matter if you’re in the mood for a relaxing day at the golf course or want to get your groove on with swing dance – we’ve got you covered. Swing dancing is one of those rare hobbies that can be done anywhere and any time. Learn more about this exciting pastime by reading our article!

Swing dance is a type of partner dancing, and it originates in the 1920s. It can be seen as either a form of jazz or blues and usually features fast tempos with lots of improvisation. There are many ways to learn how to swing dance, and here are some of them:

Watch YouTube videos to get a feel for the steps

If you want to learn swing dancing, the first thing we recommend is watching YouTube videos of people who are proficient in this dance form. You can get an idea of what it looks like and how steps are executed before taking a class or downloading some instructional materials. Watching movies featuring scenes where swing dancers appear is also helpful because these clips will give you ideas for moves as well.

Do some activities that can help you develop some skills that are needed in swing dancing.

Dancing is simply moving to the tune of music, so some activities that are not exactly about dancing can also help you get started and better when it comes to swing dancing.  

Another activity that does not depend on the weather is playing indoor sports, like golf (using a simulator), tennis, or volleyball. Playing these games will help you get used to swinging your arm and moving in response to the music. Playing golf, to be specific is a great activity that can help you get started and improve in swing dance, as it involves moving and swinging your body, similar to swing dance. Imagine, you can be in any golf courses worldwide enjoying the sport and at the same time improving your flexibility when you try swing dance.

You can also do activities at home, such as practicing dancing while carrying a tray of dishes without tilting it sideways. This way, you’ll learn how difficult it is for dancers not to spill their drinks when they move fast on stage with minimal space between them and other dancers.

You will need to start swing-dancing with some sense of rhythm; try using an app where you tap along with the beat (like Drums Theater), which will teach us tempo skills that we might otherwise lack.

Attend an online swing dance class or at your local dance studio

If you really want to invest so, you can learn swing dance, find a studio near you that offers lessons or online if there is. Try out different styles like Lindy Hop, East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Balboa, Boogie Woogie, and more; there are so many options! This is an entirely different experience to learning the dance on your own as an instructor gets to teach you directly, correct you whenever you do some steps wrong, and even give you some tips.

Start practicing by yourself, then find someone to dance with

If you don’t have anyone to swing dance with, it is time for some solo practice. Practice the moves and steps in your bedroom or living room while listening to music until you feel confident enough to do so with a partner.

Just make sure that you are paying attention to how your feet move along with the beat when practicing alone. You can also start by practicing stand-alone dance steps like walks, kicks, hops, etc., before moving onto more complicated ones such as turns and spins. Try not to worry about making mistakes – try something new instead of getting stuck doing the same thing repeatedly so quickly. 

There are many ways to learn how to swing dance, and some of them require little more than a partner, good music, and your own two feet. In this blog post, we’ve shared 4 different approaches you can take on the journey towards mastering swing dance, from easy beginner steps that anyone can do all the way up to highly-skilled advanced techniques. Whether you want to take a class, watch videos on YouTube, try some activities or practice with your friends, there’s no shortage of options for learning these days. Which one of these ways will you try?