Smoking is used to preserve perishable foods especially in cold seasons like winter, and there’s no denying that this method of cooking adds a specific rich flavor to the menu.

Even though the aroma that’s arousing from the process sometimes makes one dizzy, the total outcome of having some short ribs seriously smoked to perfection and every taste a delightful delicacy is one that is a beautiful delight.

Professional dancers are not immune to the addictive nature, aroma, and taste of smoked foods, and while there are many reasons why dancers love smoked meats, the flavor, the taste, the dizziness when preparing it. It doesn’t matter if you are using the reverse flow and barrel type smoker or any other smoker out there, the taste is phenomenal.

Some particular kinds of food are prepared with smoking methods. Foods like pork ribs, pork shoulder, brisket, beef and many more others. But these meats take advantage of the patient cooking process of smoking which produces a unique result.

But what’s the science behind it?

What all the meats have in common is a connective-tissue, they are full of connective tissues, and these tissues are filled with collagen.

When collagen is cooked rapidly, it contracts and begins to add some heavy, chewy texture, similar to a rubber band that makes the meat very tough to chew. But when you smoke or roast your meat, what happens is that the collagen within the connective tissues gets broken down, and it just melts.

When this melting process occurs, water enters into the collagen and produces Gelatin. Gelatin makes the meat soft and is responsible for the tenderness, juiciness, and flavor of the transformed meat.

Meat fat, which is saturated fatty-acids that are located within the meat also have a high melting-point. But with the patient smoking process of meat at low temperatures for more extended periods, these fats melt. This makes the meat very juicy and flavored. It can be added to other dishes as a sauce.

.Now that you understand the science of smoking let’s check out some things that a professional dancer might get from consuming smoked meat:

  • The fact that is used when preparing smoked meat can be dangerous to professional dancers; it could lead to weight gain and risk of heart disease. If at all there must be any consumption, it should be done in complete moderation.
  • The choice of meat also affects the possibility of outcomes of consuming smoked meats. If professional dancers opt for leaner meats such as beef and pork ribs over fatty food options like sausages, this can lead to lifestyle issues such as obesity, which opens the door to other kinds of diseases such as diabetes. That’s why dancers must consume these kinds of meat moderately. Which is very good for the body of professional dancers, but it must be done in moderation again, because smoked salmon can contain some bacteria which can lead to increase in infections. Smoking also gives an additional flavor and taste to the food which professional dancers are used to and love. It also acts as a preservative.


Smoked foods are loved by most people including professional dancers; the most important thing is to consume in moderation and not in excess.