Physical Skills That Swing Dancers Can Get From Using a Router Table


Swing dancing is a social dance (in groups) that involves lifting, spinning, and flipping off your partner it is usually danced in pairs. It is quick and fast in dancing with lots of fun dancing it. Woodworking, on the other hand, is an act of making furniture from wood, for example, the router table, it is an economic activity practiced all over the world. Woodworking and swing dancing are both social activities in our communities wherein people get to interact with each other and require to work with partners. Aside from that, there are also physical skills that swing dancers can learn from both of it which give the swing dancers a reason to also try woodworking especially using a router table once in a while during their free time.

It’s important in using a router table to concentrate while using it just how swing dancers also need to concentrate on their dance routines, it can be said that this is just one similarity between woodworking and dancing. Concentration is very important in both using a router table and dancing because if not, both activities will not be done correctly. Imagine cutting woods using a router table and concentrating, there is a possibility to cut your fingers or not be able to have excellent accuracy in cutting or shaping some parts of the wooden furniture. In dancing on the other hand, without concentration, it will definitely be a worse performance.

Using a router table might also involve the lifting of heavy pieces of woods to cut or shape which is a skill that can help the swing dancers to easily lift their partners much easier. Lifting is required in order to have the great moves in the dance routine and to add the difficulty of course. Swing dancers can do some lifting in both woodworking and dancing. Lifting is a very important skill in swing dancing and makes it beautiful to watch most of all it needs to be fast and quick.

Woodworking is a physical activity, it’s a type of exercise that promotes health if you are practicing swing dancing. A healthy body comes with good balance in diet. Both woodworking and swing dancing are technical skills also, they require the use of the body especially the upper part to carry out both activities effectively. It’s so easy for a woodworker to take on the swing dancing moves very fast.

In all aspects, it needs time and a lot of practice to be an expert in both activities, to become an expert in woodworking specifically in using a router table and it takes a long period with constant practicing as well as the swing dancing which takes training to be professional in this field.

Practicing woodworking by using a router table can be of help to easily learn how to swing dance that’s why it’s an important activity to carry out on time. Although it does not seem important to carry out the woodworking for the swing dancers, for the beginners who want to easily learn swing dance in a faster way consider to start with woodworking and get the physical skills you will use for dancing.